I am a Russian-born artist, based in San Francisco. I initially trained as a painter at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I received a BFA and several awards, including a Merit Scholarship and Art School Trust Award. I spent years with a brush--of one type or another--in hand, first painting on large canvases, then moving onto human faces while working as a makeup artist in TV and film.


I I discovered wire mesh quite by accident while building an armature for an urban greenspace. I had an epiphany, quit my day job and locked myself in the studio for a year to work exclusively on wire mesh sculpture, pushing the boundaries of an underappreciated medium.

although I work with my hands, I have always been fascinated with technology and recently began incorporating VR and AR into my practice.

I create representational sculpture with industrial wire mesh. This relatively common material has expressive qualities that allow me to meticulously construct delicate forms, fusing wire, light, and shadow. The transparent ethereality of each piece invites the viewer to touch them before they disappear, but the sharp, rough wire instantly repels any contact.


I am currently experimenting with combining wire mesh and augmented reality, exploring the relationship between handcrafted objects and modern technology. The integration of these mediums creates a duality between the raw, emotional effect of handmade objects and the modern, clean feel of technology.